Corporate Recovery

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At Aver we can provide advice and assistance to companies facing financial difficulties. Our corporate recovery services help guide businesses, directors and shareholders in providing practical advice on financial and commercial debt restructuring helping to create a stable business with the potential to develop. We can also help to administer financial aid and provide you with a package to keep your business afloat.

Our team is made up of experienced Insolvency Practitioners well versed in carrying out tasks needed to kick-start any business.

The events in financial markets in the recent past have shown their vulnerability to downturn in the economic cycle.  This has produced some high profile collapses and instances of major frauds coming to light.

However it is not just large organisations that feel the effects of more difficult times.  All types and size of businesses and individuals will be affected, due to the extent that closure and some insolvency procedure are required, whether that is a complete close down or looking for options to allow time to find another solution.

At Aver we are able to undertake all forms of insolvency procedures for corporate organisations, partnerships and in personal circumstances.

We can help you deal with creditors, banks, third parties, HMRC and look for ways to devise a plan for corporate recovery.

An injection of financing may help to get your business going again and we can advise on possible sources of investment.  We can carry out an early examination of your current assets or look to re-finance or help you consider inviting private investors who may be willing to help.

We are able to carry out liquidation work both in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are currently dealing with a number of corporate liquidations from Secretary of State Appointments covering:

  • Compulsory liquidations
  • Administrations
  • Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation (a quick and effective way to bring the company to an end)
  • Company Voluntary Arrangement (Allows a financially troubled company to reach an agreement with creditors)
  • Member’s voluntary Liquidation (Can be used to dissolve a company when disputes arise amongst directors and shareholders)
  • Individual Voluntary Administration (A formal and legal way to settle your debts)
  • Bankruptcy (England & Wales)
  • Sequestration (Scotland)

It may be that shareholders are concerned about the manner in which the Directors have been acting in their role as stewards of the company.  Where this results in a winding up, in whichever jurisdiction, we are able to use the insolvency legislation to investigate possible wrongdoing and seek recovery from the directors.

There may be occasions when a company has come to the end of its life for whatever reason.  In these situations, we would look to work with the company’s tax advisors to ensure a tax efficient winding up as a voluntary liquidator.

Our experience in the asset management sectors given us the opportunity to carry out work either in the UK or other parts of the world where we have developed a network of contacts where we can call upon them should circumstances require.

We advise that you consider taking our ‘Fast Track’ action plan to help save your business.  We will sit down with you for FREE and try and help you to design a strategy and plan designed specifically for your business. We promise to provide the best advice to Directors on their duties and liabilities, assist with receiverships, potential rescues and reconstructions and if all else fails administration.  Following our initial discussions and should you decide to use our services we will discuss with you the costs involved throughout the process, leaving you in full control of any spending decisions.